This is TDBOTT and it stands for:Total Drama Battle of the Tour.

Gwen Radio booms Returns Run as fast as you can or a shoot Part 1
Sam Gadget builders 17th Run as fast as you can or a shoot Part 2
Mike Gadget bommers Returns Himmalais mountains
Zoey Gadget builders 15th Aunt artica tours
Trent Gadget bommers 14th Lazer skills Booms away
Lightning Radio booms 13th Dancing like a Hedge
Izzy Radio booms 12th Boom-a-rang no girls allowed!
DJ Gadget builders 11th Battle of the Tour Part 1
Owen Gadget builders 10th Battle of the Tour Part 2
Gwen Radio booms 9th Cave fight Merged
Sierra Gadget boomers 8th No Explovsive food
Duncan Radio booms 7th Good Harold
Harold Radio booms 6th bad time
Ezekiel Gadget bommers 5th What`s the time?
Courtney Gadget builders 4th Swim in the doom
Cameron Gadget builders 3rd Art will win will it?
Mike Gadget bommers 2nd The Ultimate Tour Battle
Scott Gadget bommers 1st The Ultimate Tour Battle

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