• TheWizardOfAlarcon
    • Staci- Sadie
    • Dakota- Lindsay with Courtney's attitude
    • B- Justin and Owen
    • Dawn- Bridgette (Bridgette is much nicer than Boyfriend Stealer Gwen)
    • Sam- Older Cody
    • Brick- Duncan and Eva combined
    • Anne Maria- LeShawna
    • Mike- Noah and Cody
    • Jo- Eva
    • Scott- Geoff (Scott is the "New Geoff" since they got people eliminated from the show, in that case, Geoff's suggestion for a rescue team sidelined Beth, Justin, Trent, Eva, Katie, Sadie, and himself. Scott eliminated a few people)
    • Zoey- Heather with Lindsay's attitude (I only thought Zoey and Heather were alike because of looks)
    • Lightning- DJ
    • Cameron- Harold and Ezekiel
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  • TheWizardOfAlarcon

    Okay. So, there was some curiousity on why the "swollen eye" trivia was unnecessary trivia after Aimers deleted that note on the Gwen page on the Total Drama Wiki ("Let's Sing a Song about bad trivia"):

    For example, a user posts:

    • Justin, Cody, Courtney, Lindsay, Izzy, Geoff, Duncan, Heather, Gwen, Sierra, and Alejandro are the only contestants that have gotten a swollen eye at some point.

    Then another user deletes it.

    Question for you all: Why is the swollen eye trivia a bad trivia? That's what I don't understand. Last year, the trivia was deleted for unknown reasons.

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  • TheWizardOfAlarcon

    Season 1: Owen. He was the first winner who's ending was made years prior to Gwen's victory.

    Season 2: Beth. She is considered the canon winner since the CMTDARS Special show her and Lindsay in France. It can be implied that Beth was also the canon winner for Total Drama Action since a scene from that said special show her with a wheelbarrow of money, likely her million dollar prize, ready to bail her and Lindsay out.

    Season 3: Alejandro. He is considered the canon winner of Total Drama World Tour since a scene showed that Alejandro was concerned about the money, by telling Chris: "Chris, the million dollars. Is it safe?". It is implied that Alejandro is the real winner for TDWT, even though his ending was made after Heather's. He is the can…

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  • TheWizardOfAlarcon
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