Hiya. I'm Gary the Gaget Dude and I'd like to share with you; my predictions for TDRI.


I think that the elimination will go somewhat like this;

  • Cameron - Cameron is kind of "small". He looks like that guy who'd get picked on often by somebody like Scott. And as seen in the trailer, he is getting jumped on by a cockroach, I belive that he looses the challenge of some sort and gets the boot for his team.

  • Jo - Jo is kind of like the TDRI version of Eva, like how Scott is TDRI's Duncan. Because of being a jockette like Eva, I belive that she'll get eliminated next.

  • B - B is a silent type character. Due to this, I think that he will be the first eliminated from the Rats.

  • Staci - Now, it's obvious why I think Staci goes here. Fourth episode is called "Truth or Losing Streak", and Staci doesn't tell the truth, so I think she'll go here.

  • Brick - Brick seems like that leadership type of guy. I think that his team will get annoyed by this and eliminate him. Following this elimination is the merge.

  • Dakota - Dakota is a famemonger. And famemongers are crazed people who need fame. So, after she does something really stupid here, she gets eliminated.

  • Lightning - An athletic guy like Lightning seems like he would make it far, at least to the point of the merge. But I think his end is here.

  • Zoey - I think that her possible attraction to Mike throws her game and Scott eliminated her.

  • Sam - Sam seems like a nice guy. But antigonists like Scott get rid of these guys. So I think Sam is eliminated here.

  • Dawn - I think Dawn talks about Dakota in a bad way, but Scott gets revenge by eliminating her.

  • Scott - Scott is like an antigonist. And, according to Todd Kauffman, supposed to act like Duncan. So I think his antigonist ways end here.

  • Ann Maria - Ann Maria seems annoying. She is also a Jersey Shore reject. So I think that she gets runner-up.

  • Mike - Mike seems like a nice guy with a bipolar problem. I think that the majority of the cast will support him and I think that he'll win Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.


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