I'm sorry for my harsh attitude this lately. I've never acted so akward. I feel as wierd as Trent was when Duncan and Gwen were dating in the real series. To make things worse, I called TDA15 out in an innaproriate manner on another wiki.

izzynsierra: You know about my rant about TDA15 and his threat to ban me. I deserve a ban request from Mikey.

breakingmikey:You're an admin. I might not be able to be on Wikia anymore because of my rants about users and their threats. Plus, I requested an account disability request via Special:Contact. I can tell by my attitude and reactions that my ban is coming towards me like a lava molten rock about to hit Heather in the TDWT FIinale.

Ryan/TDIFan13: You knew about it, and you told me that I get banned if I do it.

I'm a little regretful for going back at users. Even when I take matters into my own hands and curse them out. Mikey, to make things sorry, I deserve to be banned. I've been harsh on other users, even across the wiki.

The Wizard of Alarcon Hills, December 25, 2011, 23:03.

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