• AlarconHills

    I'm Sorry

    December 26, 2011 by AlarconHills

    I'm sorry for my harsh attitude this lately. I've never acted so akward. I feel as wierd as Trent was when Duncan and Gwen were dating in the real series. To make things worse, I called TDA15 out in an innaproriate manner on another wiki.

    izzynsierra: You know about my rant about TDA15 and his threat to ban me. I deserve a ban request from Mikey.

    breakingmikey:You're an admin. I might not be able to be on Wikia anymore because of my rants about users and their threats. Plus, I requested an account disability request via Special:Contact. I can tell by my attitude and reactions that my ban is coming towards me like a lava molten rock about to hit Heather in the TDWT FIinale.

    Ryan/TDIFan13: You knew about it, and you told me that I get banned if…

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  • AlarconHills

    Oh Say, can you see by the king's constant fluff What so madly we saw On the Blainerific's page Whose six edits in a row lost him great sanity O'er the mountains we saw that icekid blowing his top As the rockets red blare His rants bursting in air gave proof to CD that he want to be banned Oh say, does that icekid deserve to be banned? O'er his rants about users and the fluffs that he makes.

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  • AlarconHills

    and Geoff. Pays homage to "Who Can You Trust?" when they were paired up for one of the challenges.]] Read more >

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