This article focuses on the interactions between Dawn and Scott.

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Dawn, at first, seemed to sympathize with Scott when he was "beetle whispering", but Scott, on the other hand, wanted Dawn to be eliminated and was creeped out by her. In Backstabbers Ahoy!, Dawn finally knows that Scott is evil and the conflict was on both sides when she got eliminated.

Episodes Suggesting a ConflictEdit

Ice Ice BabyEdit

After Dawn told Scott he wasn't held enough as a child, Scott was seen creeped out in the confessional and said she had to get eliminated.

He also showed disgust when she complemented him about his "beetle whispering."

Backstabbers Ahoy!Edit

Dawn finally realizes he was sabotaging their own team on purpose, particularly after he shot his own teammate Sam with one of their own venomous seagulls. After making a confession that she was going to finally convince the Toxic Rats to eliminate him after his deliberate move, she unknowingly sealed her own downfall, with Scott overhearing the entire confession behind the outhouse. With a pile of stolen goods he took that he was going to blame on Brick, he instead made Dawn the culprit, throwing in his shark tooth from Fang to give himself an alibi. Regardless of how much Dawn tried to prove her innocence, the team turned on her. That night, Dawn tried one final time to save herself from elimination by revealing a McLean-Brand Chris Head, but it turned out to be a fake made by Scott while he possessed the real one. Thus, she was eliminated. She tried one final time to take down Scott, referring to him as a "soulless, sociopathic scoundrel," and tried to warn the others about his traitorous nature, only for Chef to swipe her up in her own garbage bag and catapult her off before she could say Scott's name.

Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate ShowdownEdit

When Chris said that no one cares about Scott, Dawn laughed at Scott with everyone else.

In Total Drama All Stars Scott starts a relationship with Courtney.