Chester is Mike's Old Man Peronality. He appears in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Truth or Laser Shark, Runaway Model, and The Treasure Island of Dr.Mclean. This personality is triggered when Mike gets frustrated.


Svetlana appears in Truth or Laser Shark, Ice Ice Baby, Finders Creepers, Backstabbers Ahoy!, and The Treasure of Dr.Mclean. She is a Russian gymnast.she can be trigged by mike neading to jump far or long distances. She says Svetlana can save them in her sleep in finders creepers when everyones stuck with Izzy the spider.


Vito is the Jersey Shore type personality. He makes his first appearence in Ice Ice Baby and appears in Finders Creepers, Backstabbers Ahoy!, and The Treasure Island of Dr.Mclean. Vito can be triggered whenever Mike's shirt is removed.

Manitoba SmithEdit

Manitoba Smith is the Australian personality. He first appears in A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste and in The Treasure Island of Dr.Mclean. He can be triggered when Mike puts a fedora on his head. Manitoba is a parody of Indiana Jones.

Mal or The Malevolent OneEdit

Mal is dumb because Mike, Chester, Svetlana, Vito, and Manitoba said so,

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